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You can take a class, read the blog, join in the discussion on our parent groups, be part of the Parent Club, participate in a free parenting call, and much more!

Parenting by Connection Blog

"I recently heard about the idea of "holding space" for someone and it occurred to me that that's exactly what Hand in Hand parenting is all about. Holding space for your child and trusting in their inherent good nature." ~ Karen, mother of a toddler

Real parents share examples of how you can use the Parenting by Connection tools to solve family challenges at your house.

What's the Cure for Whining?

If we wanted to make a list of things that irritate parents, we’d find children whining near the top! Every child tries it sooner or later. Some children fall into whining and can’t seem to climb back out.

3 Tools to Stop the Hitting

Odd as it may seem, children who hit are children who are afraid. The fears that cause trouble for a child who hits usually have their roots in some frightening experience earlier in her life.
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What's New

Say Good-bye to Separation Anxiety

Want to help your child resolve the fears and build confidence? You can start this new online video class now.

Make Parenting Less Stressful Instantly

Download this explanation of five fundamental ideas that will make your life as a parent less stressful and your relationship with your child warmer and more connected.

Upcoming Programs

Say You're Sorry: Teaching Children About Heartfelt Apologies

A free parenting call discussiong how we can help kids take responsibility for their actions and give heartfelt apologies, that have an impact on others, while navigating social expectations..

The new book "Listen: Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges"

"Captures the heart and soul of Patty Wipfler's groundbreaking work with parents and families. This remarkable book describes the tools of Parenting by Connection with clarity, and then applies them with thoughtfulness and compassion to the real struggles of parents."
~ Dr. Lawrence Cohen author of Playful Parenting, The Art of Roughhousing, and The Opposite of Worry.

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